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  • A list of thoughtful questions that will help you get those impulse purchases under control!
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  • A changed mindset to help you resist buying things you don't truly need.
  • LESS clutter in your home & MORE money in your bank account from shopping less!
Simply Clutter-Free Shopping Mockup

Simply Clutter-Free Shopping Clipboard Mockup

What people are saying about my resources:

  • "Your downloads are so helpful. I appreciate how much effort you put into helping me declutter my home."
  • "You are such an inspiration. You present incredibly useful, meaningful ideas in such usable, nonjudgmental ways."
  • "Your information is so motivating. I've been so overwhelmed at home, but you've given me ideas that will actually help me get rid of my clutter."

Celeste- Simplicity Story

Hi, I'm Celeste!

I’m the creator and founder of Simplicity Story. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, all the stuff in your home, and your ridiculously busy schedule, you’ve come to the right place.

Life is too short to waste it dealing with chaos and clutter. I want to help you sift through all the noise and discover what is truly important to you.

I created this affirmations pack to help you begin your journey to simplicity. It's designed to motivate, inspire, and guide you as you discover how incredibly life-changing it is to simplify.